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RES, started in 1994 from our spare bedroom then expanded into a garden shed office. In 2018 we have moved to a designated office in Walton-on-Thames.

Over that period we have drawn over 15,000 plans from pavement kiosks, shops, office blocks, warehouses to aircraft hangers. From patios and gardens to woodland and farmland.

Licensing plans for bars, clubs and shops including plans where boundary disputes have occurred.

Our services provide land registry complaint plans and are tailored to meet varied clients demand.

Commercial agents, solicitors, property developers, surveyors and private home-owners make up most of our clients, and each is treated with care and respect so that we can provide the best service possible.

We have the ability to accommodate urgent requirements and can normally complete plans within 24 hours of a site visit.

Meet Team RES

Max Tosetti

Don't leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today.
Max is the founder of RES-London and the frontman of the business. RES is Max. He spent his early adult years skippering charter yachts in the Mediterranean, which followed onto a snap back to reality, spending 6 years in London liaising with clients on pension funds. This varied background makes an interesting character, who always believes in efficiency, working hard and pleasing every customer, but not forgetting to enjoy yourself when you can.

Chris Tosetti

Work smarter, not harder.
Chris joined RES in 2018 after his time in the events and travel industry. Being only 22 he is a fresh face in the business, but has a vast understanding in business management thanks to his degree. Having a strong eye for detail and accuracy proves to be a strong trait when creating lease-plans. Bringing a more modern approach to RES has been a key responsibility for Chris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Covering the essentials you need to know before you book a site viewing.

How quickly can you be on site?

We can arrange site visits for the next day subject to our availability.

How soon can we get the final plans back?

Almost all RES leaseplans are sent back to clients within 24 hours.

Are the leaseplans land registry compliant?

Yes, our plans tick all land registry requirements.

How are site's measured and drawn?

We use laser & GPS technology. Measurements are shown accurately on our CAD drawings.

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